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Electronic Press Kit



Salvo (aka Lauren Salvo) blends the brooding energy of dark electronic pop with a classical elegance by delivering emotionally cathartic and powerful vocals that strum the listener’s heartstrings. 


Since her first release in electronic music in 2017, the 'princess of dark electro pop' has been consistently collaborating and releasing music with internationally renowned artists such as Unknown Brain, Lox Chatterbox, Besomorph, and Robby East, and has amassed over 50 million streams in the process. She has also garnered the support of well respected artists and labels in the EDM music scene such as The Chainsmokers, Showtek, Brooks and Tomorrowland Radio.


Born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Salvo was mesmerized by music from an early age, turning to it in order to process and express the inner workings of her mind at times when she felt lonely and misunderstood. 


After having majored in Vocal Performance & Opera at Philadelphia’s Temple University, she started focusing on writing and producing vocals full time. She has lent her voice to several international electronic music acts, which led to the British record label NCS recognizing her as one of 2021's top female artists to watch.


Over the last few years, she has been developing a grass-roots following of fanatical devotees, who she affectionately refers to as the Salvo Squad, by consistently releasing her own music as well as finding massive success in live streaming and social media. 

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"Salvo effectively adds a mesmerizing aura to any project she’s involved in.”


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