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Salvo blends the brooding energy of dark electronic pop with emotionally cathartic and powerful vocals that strum the listener’s heartstrings.


Since her first release in electronic music in 2017, Salvo has been consistently collaborating and releasing music with internationally renowned artists and songwriters, amassing over 50 million streams.


Born in West Chester, PA, Lauren Salvo was mesmerized by music from an early age, turning to it in order to process and express the inner workings of her own mind when she felt no one understood her. This brought her to major in Vocal Performance & Opera at the Philadelphia Temple University, and to dedicate her life, through her music, to provide to her audience the same comfort and companionship that helped her thrive and feel at ease with herself.


After many successful collaborations, Salvo is ready to take the next step and is working on releasing her own music. Stay tuned!

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