"As a songwriter with 10 years of professional experience, (UMG, SkeeTV, FistCom, Megatrax, Atlantic, Armada, Columbia, Buygore, Spinnin Records, NBC, Fox, etc) who has worked with Lauren “Salvo” for over 3 years, I personally find it a pleasure for several reasons. Firstly, she is nothing less than a master level singer and vocalist, both technically and naturally.  She is easy to communicate with on both a professional and friendly level - something not everyone in this industry is capable of. She is respectful of all minds in the room, whether it comes to creative input, or personal opinions - which makes it easy to be in the same room for long, drawn-out sessions. I have never met a songwriter/artist who takes her craft more seriously, and it shows in her work. Not only is she self-disciplined, but she truly enjoys what she does, and always takes other people's time seriously. Lauren Salvo is the highest caliber of a vocalist that I have yet to come across in my years of songwriting, and I could not possibly give any higher recommendation." 


- Morgan Box-Bender (Lox Chatterbox/Artist)

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Lauren. Not only is she an incredibly talented singer and songwriter but she also is super fun to work with. She is very responsive, pro-active and always knows how to lighten up your mood. I really look forward to seeing what the future has in store for her and I'm confident she's gonna make a killing!"

- Alex Ter Horst (Founder of Nevaland Music)